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Account Brute Forcing Vulnerability in SnapChat


I found a critical vulnerability in SnapChat app in late 2013 and reported it to their security team and they replied to me that they fixed it.


This vulnerability allows anyone who knows your SnapChat email to brute force your account’s password without any protection from snapchat side, there is no lockout. limited tries or even Captcha. I immediately reported it to them and they fixed it in 2  months.


SnapChat Security/Support Team reply:

Hi Mohamed,

Thank you for following up and for your patience. We’ve made some improvements in this regard, please let us know if you think we’ve adequately addressed the issues raised or if you have other feedback.
Happy new year!
Here is a video showing you how i found and exploited the vulnerability:

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All your Facebook Access Tokens are belong to us!

Hello everyone,

I found two vulnerabilities in facebook android apps:

1- Vulnerability in facebook main app and facebook messenger app for android that allows ANY app on your android device to read and capture your facebook access_token and hijack your facebook account stealthy. to exploit this vulnerability you must have facebook main app and messenger app for android installed on your android device.


2- Vulnerability in facebook pages manager for android that allows ANY app on your android device to read and capture you facebook access_token and hijack your facebook account stealthy. to exploit this vulnerability you must have facebook pages manager for android installed on your android device.


Now, lets try to exploit the first vulnerability that affects facebook main app and messenger app for android:

Imagine this scenario: you are a facebook user, you have android phone/tablet and you installed facebook main app and messenger app for android, now you got a message from a friend or from someone on facebook, you will open the message to read it and there is an attachment like: a movie, doc, pdf, pic or any files that can be attached in facebook messages, something like this:




As you can see in the above image, you clicked on file to download it and in the same time your facebook access_token is leaked to android logcat which means that ANY android app can read and capture your facebook access_token stealthy and hijack your account :)

If you don’t know what is logcat, it is a tool built into all android devices to collect the log messages from all android apps and you can access it either from adb shell or from a tool in google store called: CatLog


Someone may ask: what is the REAL danger of this vulnerability?

Well, the danger is: you have a free/paid android app on your android device (rooted or non rooted device) and the free/paid contains a small function that will read logcat output and send it to their servers :)

Every time you use your facebook main and messenger app to download files from messages, your access_token will be leaked and ANY app even non malicious app can capture these tokens and take over your facebook account :)


Look at this image:




You can see that i captured the access token and pasted it into facebook graph explorer and WOW :)

Note that access_token never expire and with many many scopes to do what i want with your facebook account ;)


The vulnerability reported to facebook and it is fixed now and facebook rewarded me with $2500 USD, you must update your facebook apps NOW!




Now let’s talk about the second vulnerability:

The vulnerability i found in facebook pages manager app is the same like the other one but to exploit it you need to login to your facebook account and your access token will be leaked to all apps without a need to download ANYTHING from ANYONE :)

I made a pretty detailed video about how to exploit it:


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The vulnerability is now fixed and facebook rewarded me with $3500 USD, and you MUST update your facebook pages manager for android NOW!


Again, don’t be lazy and update all your apps NOW!

Pro Tip:  You must change your facebook password now if you are using facebook android apps

Stay tuned for more bugs and vulnerabilities, you may subscribe to this blog to get news about upcoming vulns and bugs.


Facebook Android Apps, Images, SSL and YOU :)

Even if you enabled HTTPS ( SECURE) in your Facebook account, your images are still being sent and received on HTTP ( INSECURE ).

If you are using a wireless network at Cafe, Hotel, Airport, Museum, Disco, Your Friends’s Wireless Network or even your own wireless network ( it may be already hacked ) even if you are using ( WEP or WPS  or even WPA ), An Attacker can run cain and abel, ettercap, sslstrip or his own tool to poison the traffic and hijack ARP table and sniff your images and your private images and leak it online or send it to his friends.

Imagine this: you captured an image ( Private ) and then uploaded it to your Facebook account to share it with your private friend(S) and in the same time the attacker is viewing them without your permission :(

NOW the bad scenario: the attacker can upload your private photos, sell them, trade them, leak them online, share it with his friends, look up your images in google images search and he may recognise you and asks for money to remove your private images ( YES it is the bad )

I found the above vulnerability in the official Facebook App for android and in the official Facebook messenger app for android and then reported it to Facebook On Fri, Feb 22, 2013 at 4:14 PM and i waited and waited until Facebook replied to me :)

My report to Facebook:


Subject: Report a Possible Security Vulnerability

Name: Mohamed Ramadan
E-Mail: ++++++@gmail.com
Type: privacy
Scope: mobile
Description: i found that the official Facebook Messenger and Facebook app for android latest version are sending and receiving images using HTTP protocol and any one on the same wireless network can sniff my traffic and view all images or even replace it with his own images

i tested all Facebook apps for iOS and i found that images are being sent and received in HTTPS.

please fix this issue ASAP

just open wireshark and start capturing the traffic and open Facebook messenger app and view anybody images and you will see that all of them are being received in HTTP

look at these image :





Facebook Reply to me :


Hi Mohamed,

I wanted to send back an update on the Android HTTPS issue you had sent a while back. We were able to confirm some instances where the app wasn’t using HTTPS as it was supposed to and we’ve been working on getting all of those fixed. I think there may still be some work in progress on this, but since it’s taking a while, we decided to go ahead and send you a bounty of $1500 for your report.

It looks like we may have your info on file, so I’ll let your payment people know and they’ll be in touch further.





i got another reply from Facebook:


Hi Mohamed,

I reviewed your other tickets after you sent the inquiry about HTTPS issues with Facebook Messenger with Android. There seems to have been some misunderstanding on our end since the report was so similar to the original one about the main app, and both were rooted in the same code issues so we essentially treated the Messenger issues as part of the same report rewarded with the bounty.

But we certainly appreciate your research, and given the misunderstanding, we decided to go ahead and add another $500 to your original bounty! I’ll send word to our payment staff.





$2000 for a privacy issue in Facebook main app and Facebook messenger app for android is not bad :)

it is time to update your Facebook apps right now, if you are a bit lazy like me and forget to update android apps then UPDATE NOW!


Oh wait, Facebook Thanked me and Added me to their White Hat Page :) ( 2012, 2013 )


Search for: Mohamed Ramadan or Attack-Secure.com


i will post new bugs i found in facebook very soon so you MUST follow me on twitter: https://twitter.com/Attack_Secure :)


NOTE: Don’t forget to tweet and share this post so people will be FORCED to update Facebook APPS and don’t be LAZY :)


PSSST: Do you have andorid/ios app and you want us to pentest it and report all vulns to you ? then write to us ( [email protected] ) and we will reply to you with more information within 24 hours

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