June 14, 2012 Mohamed Ramadan

Hacme Bank Prebuilt vmware image


we downloaded windows xp sp3 from 


and installed and configured hacme bank aspx vulnerable web application with SQL server express 2005


Lab requirements:

1- VMware Workstation / Player 

2- Computer with a Minimum 2 GB Ram

3- Backtrack or Kali linux – Attacking Machine 


Download The Lab from Attack-Secure.com (Full Pack) 



Setup For Workstation – ( NATED HOST ) – MSSQL TCP-IP Configuration On 


The DHCP By Default Will Ask for IP – so Make Sure you Setup the VMnet8 on subnet IP


or you can change it like this:



so the bottom line is you need to download vmware image and extract it , then open it with vmware workstation or vmware player , then log in with :

user name : Renamed_Admin
password   : Ninja@Security-12


and configure Sql server express 2005 like above , then type the ip address in your web browser to start hacking :)


update :


if you need password for sa user it is  : password1


if you want to to access to Hacme Bank Web Application directly got to:



and if you want to  access to Hacme Bank Web Services directly got to:



enjoy and share it :)

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