Hacme Bank Prebuilt vmware image


we downloaded windows xp sp3 from 


and installed and configured hacme bank aspx vulnerable web application with SQL server express 2005


Lab requirements:

1- VMware Workstation / Player 

2- Computer with a Minimum 2 GB Ram

3- Backtrack or Kali linux – Attacking Machine 


Download The Lab from Attack-Secure.com (Full Pack) 



Setup For Workstation – ( NATED HOST ) – MSSQL TCP-IP Configuration On 


The DHCP By Default Will Ask for IP – so Make Sure you Setup the VMnet8 on subnet IP


or you can change it like this:



so the bottom line is you need to download vmware image and extract it , then open it with vmware workstation or vmware player , then log in with :

user name : Renamed_Admin
password   : Ninja@Security-12


and configure Sql server express 2005 like above , then type the ip address in your web browser to start hacking :)


update :


if you need password for sa user it is  : password1


if you want to to access to Hacme Bank Web Application directly got to:



and if you want to  access to Hacme Bank Web Services directly got to:



enjoy and share it :)

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  1. Password to WIndows doesnt work


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